Making an Impression
Multimedia can make a page engaging and fun. Types of multimedia include animation, video, and audio. However, implementing such technologies in a useful manner requires design discipline; unconstrained use of multimedia can result in an interface that confuses users and makes it harder for them to understand the information.

Animations are good for showing change over time, or helping the user visualize how to use a tool, or to draw attention to a specific element. To avoid annoying the user, though, permanently moving animations should not be used.

Video, which can include audio, can be an effective method of demonstrating an action, or promoting shows or films. Due to bandwidth constraints, video use should be minimized, or both high- and low-bandwidth versions should be created.

Audio can be used to provide a sense of place or mood, or can add value to videos. Poor sound quality can make for a poor experience for the user, so it is typically worth investing in a professional quality sound production system.


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