Screen Design


Why is Screen Design Important?
Good page design will create a strong, consistent visual heirarchy such that important elements are emphasized, and content is organized in a logical and predictable manner.

Web Page Size
Ideally, a page should be designed such that it will fit into an 800x600 pixel screen. If more content is necessary, the highest priority items should be "above the fold".

To maximize the page layout, several standards can be applied. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can be used for layout; line length should be held to twelve words; margins can be used to provide separation and contrast; color can group items; and a background graphic can fill up empty areas. Tables may be used for formatting, but are less flexible than CSS.

In General
General design considerations should ensure that each page has a title, copyright information, and a link to the site's home page. Subtle colors typically make the best choices for backgrounds. Pages should be made accessible so that disabled users can "view" the page.

Screen Design and Page Layout

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