Why Use Graphics?
When done properly, a page designed with images is fun to look at, full of information, and tends to be the kind of page that brings people back to visit it again.

Tips and Tricks
Some tips for good photo use on the web include: include fewer people and objects, in less complicated settings than you would for photos intended for print; emphasize close-up shots with clean backgrounds; use relevance-enhanced image reduction when preparing small photos from big ones.

Graphic Types
There are many file formats for images, but the most popular ones are GIF and JPEG. The JPEG format supports millions of colors, so it works well for digital photographs. GIF files support 256 colors, and work best for buttons and icons.

To comply with accessibility standards, alt attributes should be included for all graphics.


Images can be a great addition to your web page if you keep a few simple rules in mind.


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