curling strategy board screenshot CONVEYOR EQUIPMENT This piece checks for knowledge of the various components of a converyor system, using a simple drag-and-drop test. Users are given feedback based on proper or improper matching of equipment with its use. [Hint: F A E D H G B C]
curling strategy board screenshot MICROSCOPE MAINTENANCE This project provided training for staff on the matter of microscope maintenance. At the end of the training, trainees are able to: identify different microscope types, locate specific parts, describe possible hazards, identify requirements and describe cleaning methods.
curling strategy board screenshot INTERFACE DESIGN The site in this example is a demonstration of the most cost-effective online learning: simple, static web pages with images and text. It acts as an interface design primer, describing what interface design is, and why it's important. The target audience is anyone interested in learning about interface design. Subject matter includes page layout, use of multimedia and graphics, navigation, usability testing, and typography.
curling strategy board screenshot CLINIC GUEST CARE This eLearning project provided training to clinic staff, to deliver professional care and service to guests. Objectives included: describing the scope of service; use triage process to manage out of scope conditions; refer guests appropriately to other health care facilities; profide guest education.
curling strategy board screenshot TASK SIMULATION This content shows the viewer how to add an image into a web page using Dreamweaver. Multiple methods demonstrated (using menu and shortcut keys). Note: audio very soft.
curling strategy board screenshot CURLING BASICS: THE SCOREBOARD If you haven't watched curling before, it can be quite confusing. This short tutorial demonstrates how scoring is done, then asks the learner to hang the numbers on the scoreboard in the appropriate place. Note: Final score is Yellow 4 - Red 3; the fact that the 4 and 3 are hanging at their respective scores is a coincident.